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How can I take part in a competition?

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How can I take part in a competition?

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Visitors can hand in their productions, also called 'releases', (demos/music/graphics/videos/...) to take part in the competitions. This is usually done by uploading the contribution via our intranet site. In rare cases (computer platforms without network access possibility, very large files) it is also possible to hand in a contribution at the infodesk. Just ask our friendly staff.
The deadlines are set so that our staff has enough time to go through all releases and check if they work properly. This also gives you the advantage that if there is a problem with your release, you can be informed and given a chance to fix it. That helps to avoid the disappointment of working hard on your production and not being able to see it, because it didn't work.
The basic requirements for contributing your releases to a competition can be found in the competition rules. In most categories we won't have a preselection, as the amount of releases is still manageable. So even if it is your first release, don't hesitate to hand it in and see what the crowd thinks of it. During the competitions, usually most of the crowd gathers in the hall to enjoy the releases on the 'bigscreen.' This is a great chance for positive feedback on your work.
Note that you can not take part in the competitions if you buy the 'compo watcher' ticket on Saturday evening.

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