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What about stolen equipment?

FAQ Question: 

Is there any risk my equipment gets stolen?

FAQ Answer: 

We do not provide any lockers so you have to keep an eye on your stuff yourself. Or just ask your table neighbour to watch for it. Sceners tend to watch out for each other in this manner. Still, if your neighbour is hard at work on a project, please consider that they may not be able to actually WATCH your stuff - so do make reasonable choices about this. What about locking your belongings overnight in your car?
Although pure demoscene parties are quite safe places to be you should take possible theft into consideration and, in general, leave your expensive equipment at home. 'Sceners' aren't generally going to be impressed if you have a water cooled system that overclocks to 7000 percent of the recommended speeds - they actually may be much more interested in a Commodore 64 with a great paint job.

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