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What kind of people can I meet?

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What kind of people can I meet?

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Usually you can observe the following two types of visitors:
--> Party-animal: Their intention is to meet friends and get to know other sceners, discuss demoscene-related stuff but also personal stuff. Such people are not necessarily lazy people, they might just have finished their releases in time and thus use the time at a party for the more relaxing things.
--> Workaholic: Visitors that try to finish their releases on site, either because of they are very dedicated, were too lazy beforehand, have struck upon a bug at the last minute, or are just taking part in one of the planned fast competitions (a competition announced during the party) held for fun. It is quite common for a lot of sceners to give their productions a final touch when everybody involved is around and things can be discussed easily. (Obviously the ambience is not really optimal for doing hard work, but 10+ years of people using demoparties as the time for finishing productions says something about that practice)

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