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Looking Back to Demodays 2012

We have sent out a newsletter to all attendants of Demodays 2012 giving a whole lot of information and facts about the party. You can read it online here. The Newsletter also contains a few personal words by the main organizer of the party: "[...] It's just awesome to see so many people contributing, spreading a great mood at the party place, and having a good time! Thank you all for these 10 years - and let's go for more. Plain vanilla…"

OHP Demos from Demodays 2012

Finally we can provide you with the OHP demos from Demodays 2012. They were captured with a HD cam live during the competition. You can download the video files from or watch them on YouTube:

Have fun and enjoy the entries of this somewhat different competition (which has been a standard feature at Demodays/Buenzli since years). It's great to still see cool contributions.

After the Party

Demodays 2012 are over - it was a blast! We want to thank everybody that was there, watched, created and competed and we would like to thanks our partners and sponsors for making the event possible. Last but not least, thanks for all the positive (and of course also the constructive) feedback we got and will get in the next days. To not forget about those great days in Olten, we have created the After the Party page containing releases & results, links to galleries, videos and more. We happily add links to your photos, videos, reports to the list - just get in touch! Thanks again and stay tuned - we'll be back in 2013!

Demodays 2012 Livestream

Ladies and gentlemen: we did it! The live stream is here. Go to and click the live stream link (top right of the page). Use the stream for your shadown party and send greetings on IRC. Use the live stream to prepare yourself for your visit tomorrow - and use the live stream if you really can't come to Demodays 2012. The bad news: Up to now we can't provide your with a SceneSat coverage.

Demodays Hotline, Travelling and Weather

It's only two days to the start of the Demodays 2012 and here's some last minute information and updates. Let's start with the weather: Seems like it's going to be rather cold and rainy. It might be better to pack one of those jackets, you used last winter. We'll have fire and bbq to keep you warm. Also, you can take a warm shower anytime during the opening hours of the public swimming pool nearby (reduced entrance fee with the Demodays bracelet).

If you're lost on your way to Olten, just call our hotline at +41622127554 and we'll help you out. The hotline will be in action starting on Friday, Noon. To find you way to the party place, be sure to use your navigation gear or print some maps. All travel information is here. We might push out Facebook and/or Twitter updates during the build-up, starting on Thursday.


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