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Competition Hardware Update

We have decided to update the competition hardware a bit. Beside the already announced ATI machine, we'll have an up-to-date NVidia powered machine with a GeForce GTX680 available for you to use. The complete setup is here. If your entry does not run on either of the two PC machines, we have a GP2X and a C64 on site - if you need anything else, bring your own hardware. Our video setup allows to convert and scale pretty much all video signals (provided you can supply us with a HDMI/DVI, VGA, composite or S-Video signal). In case of questions about that, don't hesitate to contact us!

SceneSat-Coverage & Live-Stream

Offered by our friends at Viprinet, we will again have a high quality live stream from the party place. Furthermore, SceneSat will do a coverage of the Demodays and (if we manage) provide voice over on the video stream. Needless to say, you can only get the full experience by being on site. The streams will, however, allow you to watch our competitions if you sent in a remote entry, or if you have absolutely no chance to travel to Olten. We'll announce the URL for the video stream once it's available. Thanks to Viprinetand SceneSat for their great support!

Demodays 2012 Theme: Tale of an undone Invitation

Let me tell you a tale, the tale of the undone invitation. Demodays (as well as Buenzli) had an invitation every year - be it a demo, intro or even a game. This year, we didn't manage to bring a proper invitation to life. Nevertheless, we definitively want to set you into party mood right now: our good friend Ultrasyd/Brainstorm has created the theme for Demodays 2012. Listen and take it as our invitation to the Demodays 2012, dance to it as a preheating for the party, whistle it and make it stay in your mind. You can also download the track as a package (and listen to it on your way to the party or while finishing your entry). See you all in a few days! Download (6.8 Mb)

The Barbecue

Are you a fan of tasty meat? You enjoy a proper barbecue on a sunny weekend? Well, we do not know whether the sun will be shining or not - but we know there will be a public (gaz-) grill available at the Demodays. Free for everybody to use. Our «Buenzli Bistro» sells juicy steaks and fine sausages (until we're out of stock) for low & fair prices. Be sure to get ready for the Demodays barbecue!

The (II^D) + (III^D) Performance

No Demodays or Buenzli without some special installation or arts performance: This time, we'll have two brothers called Mordi & MrMbu on stage right before the Compo Night starts (at approx. 19.45h on Saturday). The description text for the performance with the name (II^D) + (III^D) ~=PrOjEcTiOn I reads as follows: Supported by music, a digitally post-produced (( (II^D) + (III^D)) photo-animation of a human face is being projected onto another human and living face (III^D). We are as puzzled as you and we're looking forward to the outcome of this experiment.


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