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During demodays 2012, we'll have a lot of things going on. From competition blocks to live acts, from demoshows to fun events. Please note: The time table is and will always be subject to last-minute changes.

Friday, 31/8/2012

17.00h Doors opening
18.30h Announcement: Surprise Competition Topics
21.00h Official Opening
21.15h Demoshow: Playstation Demos
22.00h Demoshow: Wodk's Awesome Demos
23.00h Liveact: Kenobit & Arottenbit
24.00h Demoshow: Wild & Animations (by Nightmare/Nuance)
Demoshow: Best of C64.CH

Saturday 1/9/2012

13.00h Deadline: Graphics, Music, Photo-Retouching
Demoshow: Calodox Retrospective
14.00h Music Competition
15.00h Graphics Competition & Photo Retouching Competition
16.00h Deadline: 4k Executable Graphics, Mini Animation, Interactive, OHP Competition Signup
Demoshow: Netpoet's Favourites
18.00h Deadline: Realtime Demo, Realtime Size-Limited, Non-Realtime
Demoshow: Evoke & Assembly 2012
18.30h Deadline: Surprise Demo
19.45h (II^D) + (III^D) ~=PrOjEcTiOn I
20.00h Compo Night Part I: Mini Animation, 4k Executable Graphics, Surprise
21.00h Compo Night Part II: OHP Demo Competition, Interactive Competition
Demoshow: Best Of Last Year (2011/2012)
23.00h Compo Night Part III: Non-Realtime, Realtime Size-Limited, Realtime Demo
Liveact: Ultrasyd

Sunday 2/9/2012

11.00h Demoshow: Downscaled
12.00h Prize-Giving Ceremony
13.00h Doors Closing