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Demodays Hotline, Travelling and Weather

It's only two days to the start of the Demodays 2012 and here's some last minute information and updates. Let's start with the weather: Seems like it's going to be rather cold and rainy. It might be better to pack one of those jackets, you used last winter. We'll have fire and bbq to keep you warm. Also, you can take a warm shower anytime during the opening hours of the public swimming pool nearby (reduced entrance fee with the Demodays bracelet).

If you're lost on your way to Olten, just call our hotline at +41622127554 and we'll help you out. The hotline will be in action starting on Friday, Noon. To find you way to the party place, be sure to use your navigation gear or print some maps. All travel information is here. We might push out Facebook and/or Twitter updates during the build-up, starting on Thursday.