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Demodays 2012 Theme: Tale of an undone Invitation

Let me tell you a tale, the tale of the undone invitation. Demodays (as well as Buenzli) had an invitation every year - be it a demo, intro or even a game. This year, we didn't manage to bring a proper invitation to life. Nevertheless, we definitively want to set you into party mood right now: our good friend Ultrasyd/Brainstorm has created the theme for Demodays 2012. Listen and take it as our invitation to the Demodays 2012, dance to it as a preheating for the party, whistle it and make it stay in your mind. You can also download the track as a package (and listen to it on your way to the party or while finishing your entry). See you all in a few days! Download (6.8 Mb)