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Streamed and tracked entries will be in ONE compo - if there are too many entries, we will preselect

Rules for Tracked Music:
  • Allowed Formats: MOD, S3M, XM, SKM, IT, MT2, MTM, RNS & XRNS (Renoise), SID
  • No external VST-Plugins allowed (for Renoise: Standard player will be used)
Rules for Streamed Music:
  • Your tune has to be MP3/OGG-encoded
General Rules for the Music Compo:
  • Players: XMPlay, MadTracker, Renoise, Winamp (free available players)
  • Your audience wants to be able to dance to your music, so make it rock!
  • Maximum playing time: 4 minutes
  • Players: XMPlay, MadTracker, Renoise, WinAmp (free available players)
  • The tunes will be played on a standard soundcard, SID will be played on a C64
  • The format will be clearly shown on the big screen
  • Music entries will be voted on in two categories: quality and creativity