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Competitions are the essence of every demoparty.

In order to provide entertainment to our visitors and more competition to our participants, we introduced new categories last year. Instead of having many single competitions, we will focus on core competitions that are no longer based on different platforms, but based on individual types of productions.

Yes, this means we are combining oldschool and newschool into one single demo competition. But: We take care of what you do! And so do the people that vote for your production. Thus, we feature a totally new voting system where a production can be voted in up to 3 categories, such as technical difficulty or design aspects. This will not only make the competition more interesting - it will also make the prizegiving less predictable and will make the voting fairer in every single aspect.

The reason why we did this is obvious and we want to talk about it. Smaller parties simply lack of entries, therefore resulting in combined compos or compos without real competition. Let's give this new system a try! Buenzli is and was always a place to try out new stuff - both, participants, newbies and organizers try to come up with new concepts, productions and competitions. We brought up many cool ideas (like the 4k graphics compo or the OHP demo, Jury Prize, ...), we are very open to newbies, and we don't hassle to play even the weirdest wild entries - let's continue this tradition. we're looking forward to show your stuff! So, if you have a question, don't hesitate to contact us.

Now go and look at our brand new competitions. We're sure there is space for your production. Ah, and yes, we take remote entries!