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What and Why

What is Demodays

«Demodays» (formerly called Buenzli) is an annual event (a so called demoparty), taking place during three days in Summer in Olten/Switzerland. It is organized by «Echtzeit - Digitale Kultur», a Swiss association dedicated to the demoscene. In various contests and competitions like animation, demos, realtime-movies, music, graphics or game-developement, the visitors, coming from all over Europe, compete against each other. The winners are given a whole lot of attractive prizes. Beside these contests, there’s a surrounding event program with bands, visuals and entertainment. «Demodays» is the largest event of its kind in Switzerland and attracts about 150 visitors every year. The audience consist of a wide range of different kinds of persons - everybody that feels the urge to do more than office work and gaming with his computer is welcome! Read more about the idea of a demoparty.

And why did you rename it?

The reason for giving Buenzli demoparty series the new name «Demodays» is pretty simple: In our aim to reach a broader audience, we needed a new and catchy name that needs less explanation than «Buenzli». The target audience comes from highschools of arts, hardware hackers, hobbyist musicians and designers, web-artists and generally everybody that uses his computer for creative things. During the party, we'll have various occassions that allow first-time visitors and newbies to dive into the demoscene and get in touch with like-minded people. Obviously, the party is still a demoparty and long-time Buenzli-visitors will feel home and cosy - like they always did.